Club House Caddy Home
Club House Caddy Home
Who We Are :
The creators of Club House Caddy are computer programmers and avid golfers who love the friendly competition of a good golf league. Whether it’s our company’s corporate golf league or our smaller league of lifetime friends, our passion for golf has led to the creation of Club House Caddy. Frustrated with free golf league software packages that make a simple task such as finding next weeks opponent impossible, and the reluctance to increase league dues in order to pay an arm and a leg for an expensive golf league scoring package, we decided to create our own golf league management software. Over the years, contributions from league members, golf league administrators and golf course managers and pros have led to the creation of Club House Caddy!

Our Goal :
With our love for golf as motivation and computer programming skills as our tools, the Club House Caddy team is devoted to making your golf league successful and fun for both golfers and League Managers alike. With your help, we are committed to making Club House Caddy the #1 Online Golf Management System available.

  Inexpensive - For about the price of a single players League Dues, you can have all the features that Club House Caddy Has to offer. Club House Caddy Features
  Easy to Manage - Club House Caddy has the easiest scoring entry possible. With screens laid out to match your scorecard, you can have your league’s scores entered in minutes. And with a click of button, results are updated on your site; handicaps are calculated, and customized individual emails are sent to each golfer in your league.
  Simple Navigation - Club House Caddy pages are intuitively laid out to make navigating Club House Caddy a breeze for even the most novice computer user. From schedules to match results, your league members will be online in minutes with just an address and login!
  Communication - With Club House Caddy’s message board and easy email notification tools, you can contact all golfers in your league instantly with important information.
  Reports - Club House Caddy also offers reporting features which allow the more serious golfer to analyze statistical information for his/her league.

History :
Over the years our golf league management program has been expanding in its simplicity and accessibility. Staring in 2002, Club House Caddy has evolved out of the necessity to easily record scores, update handicaps, update league standings and get this information to the league’s golfers. Beginning as a simple program and database used to track a single league’s information, expanding into a more sophisticated system managing several leagues with different formats and eventually the online management system which was first used in 2007 for several local northeastern Pennsylvania golf leagues. The feedback from the 2007 golf season has been overwhelmingly positive from both golfers and managers alike. So, we have decided to make Club House Caddy available to anybody who wants to make their golf league the best it can be.

Club House Caddy is a brand new Golf League Management program for 2008 Leagues.
We will continue to make improvements that will allow Club House Caddy to assist you with all of your golfing needs.

John Kearns
Owner and Creator